About Me:

At the young age of 10 I started sewing my dreams with a needle and thread. I dressed my dolls in creations I sewed from my mother’s scraps and as the years passed, my little dolls switched to maniquins and the little scraps to big rolls of fabric.

Today I sew a new and unique language in fashion design, and invite you to enjoy the new summer collection.

Fueled by my passion, I built Hadyo, a haute couture fashion boutique.
Each garment in Hadyo is its own creation and peice of art, produced and finished to perfection.
We focus on the fashion and quality. Each one of our garments are produced from a carefully chosen wild silk fabric made in Italy.
We build up our sector by producing unique and stylish designs, sewn with professionalism and love.


I Believe

I believe that every woman has her own unique style and taste, and I try to express that in my designs so that every woman will be able to find fashionable clothes that she will just love.